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IMG_20150228_115508 (1)What: Models In Training Classes for 13-18 Young Adults
Where: Amity Presbyterian Church

2831 North Sharon-Amity Road

Charlotte, NC 28205

Class length- 6 weeks from 10:00 am to 12 noon and or 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm on most Saturdays this Summer. Class time will be arranged at time of class construction.

Students are allowed to make up classes(1 within the 7 weeks)

Payment made prior to first class

Pay Pal or check or cash

Topics will include:

Posture, Walking, runway techniques. Your posture is everything. It is not what you wear, it is how you carry yourself that gives the most attention.

How to Enter a Room with confidence. Making eye contact is key.

Introductions- Introducing yourself and others. Lets learn the rules.

Etiquette- From thank you notes to what to say when you leave the dinner party and need to say good by and thank you to your host or hostess- Discussion of etiquette will be one class. Hope to have fun with this and do some role playing in certain situations.

Make Up- How to look your very best in make up without looking made up-we will learn how to make the best of your features with makeup. Make up artist Carol O’Malley with Rouge will be here for this class to give you one on one for make up tips and application.

Voice- We will work on communication and voice techniques. Speech and diction is so important. Tonal quality is even more important! We will discuss tone. You can say the same words, but it has a different meaning when you incorporate tonal quality. What a difference your vocal tone makes.

Fashion- We will discuss fashion and wardrobe. Making the best of your shape and adapting color to your wardrobe. How to accent your skin tone and enhance your own special facial features is what fashion is all about. How do you pull it all together?

From this course, it is our mission that you will leave with much more confidence and self-esteem. And we sincerely welcome you to Amity Presbyterian Church for this 6 week development class. It is our mission that you will learn some ideals, some beauty tips and launch yourself at this age with positive reinforcement so that your life will be filled with hope, and faith and direction so you can fill your life dreams and ambitions.

Hoping you or someone you know will have a great 6 weeks of charm, modeling, and etiquette and classes from Masters in the fields of Photography, Cosmetology, and Make UP.

Only 10 girls to a class so call or email Candy to enroll.

Candy may be reached at 704 363 4413 or email candy@stonetalent.com

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2831 North Sharon-Amity Road
Charlotte, NC 28205